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"Ancient Habitats" Grey Fossil Corals Earrings


"Ancient Habitats" Grey Fossil Corals Earrings

Indonesian Fossil Coral

Swarovski Crystals Mosaic
14K/20 Gold Filled Tubing Hoop Ear Wire

L-1.75"(43 mm) W-1" (25mm)

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" Fossil coral is a natural stone that is formed when ancient coral is gradually replaced with agate. The proper name for this material is agatized coral or agatized fossil coral. The fossilized coral typically appears as small flower-like patterns in the stone....
Of the varieties of fossilized corals found throughout the world, exquisitely detailed specimens from the mountains of Indonesia are among the most unique. In Indonesia, entire coral heads are often completely preserved and appear just as they did 20 million years ago, though their density is much changed by replacement with silica, iron, manganese and other minerals..." http://www.gemselect.com/other-in…/agatized-fossil-coral.php