Mushroom - the othe kind of fruit
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Amethyst Slices Mushroom Earrings


Amethyst Slices

Tropical Beetle Necks

Swarovski Crystals Mosaic
14K/20 Gold Filled Ear Wire

L - 2.3"

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The final link—Mushrooms: The Other Kind of Fruit—bridges the seasonal life-to-death motif. Remarkably mysterious organisms, whose fungal compositions prove them to be most useful yet dangerous—mushroom fungi impact everyday our lives (beer, wine, bread, biofuels). Kira employs freshwater pearls, beetle necks, Tiger’s Eye stone, Amethyst, Swarovski crystals and more to embody the morphological diversity of various agaricomycetes. Albeit wild porcinis or domestic shiitakes dipped in glamorous substrates or crystalline mycelium, mushrooms are sophisticated molecular machines. Instruments of infinity and decay, their varied genomes and complex lineages reflect a sublime ecological diversity. Obtaining nutrients from both the living and the dead, these fungal trees of life function as both catalysts and barriers. Encapsulating the cold, dark wintery underworlds, they refract rainbows with umbrella-like hoods. This forgotten other fruit, the mushroom, hereby puts Botanical Metamorphosis jewelry collection into full resolution.